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Table of Contents

Walking the Relinquished Path is an emotionally charged and freshly candid journey into a woman's life as she struggles with her family and herself to discover the Native American roots her grandfather turned his back on in order to survive in the white man's world. 

Truly inspirational, Walking the Relinquished Path dares not only to explore
the questions that few venture to speak aloud, but also to find
the answers buried beneath.


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Table of Contents
Chapter 1.   A Child’s StoryRead this chapter
Chapter 2.   What’s An Indian Read this chapter 
Chapter 3.   The Tangled Clues 
Chapter 4.   Uncle Bob’s Mystery
Chapter 5.   My Not So Cunning Plan
Chapter 6.   What’s In A Name 
Chapter 7.   Wings Of White Eagle 
Chapter 8.   The Internet Path 
Chapter 9.   The Connection
Chapter 10.  Real Indian 
Chapter 11.  The Shame In The Shell
Chapter 12.  The Gift Of The Fox
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Readers Comments

The emotion in this book is so strong, it brought me to tears.  Especially when I thought of my own struggle to find my Native American Ancestors.    Chris in NH 


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