The Incredibly Boring Life
of Peter Black
By A. H. LaVigne

      A Good cup of coffee.  That was all Peter Black wanted from life.  What he got was far different. Peter Black - boring Peter Black - was about  to fall, neck deep, into a world of spies, conspiracies and aliens. 
      The Incredibly Boring Life of Peter Black is anything but boring. The journey of this awkward bumbler, as he strives to become the super hero of his dreams, is not only exciting, it's hilarious! 

You will be on the edge of your seat and rolling on the floor laughing at the same time.

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Readers Comments

Reviewer:  Mr. Johnson from IL
A hilarious romp into the world of sci-fi!  This book is hilarious! I loved it. Mr. LaVigne paints a very good picture of a man who just wants his life to be a normal one. He gets anything but what he wants. This is one of those rare books that is funny yet full of suspense. Five stars * * * * * 

Reviewer: Tom  from PA
I am a big fan of Brit Com. Love Hitchhikers Guide and Red Dwarf. Now I have a new cult classic series to love. Peter Black is the ultimate sorta-hero! All I can say is when's the series coming out on TV? When can I get the next book? And where can I get a good cup of coffee? 

Reviewer: Travis from MD
It was, for me, a combination of really fun things added together in a mutually enriching way to create something nearly totally engrossing. There was the tongue in cheek wittyness of the "Fletch" books, the inherent surprise and unsettled-ness of little green men a la "Men in Black", and enough inside-the-mind play to remind me of the movie "Fight Club" without the harder edges.  Added together, a wonderful first novel.

Check it out! Arthur is a featured author at "The Writers Den"

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