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Channeling: A Comprehensive and Instructional Guide
By Ezekiah.

  Everyone alive today has the potential to become a clear and accurate Channel. Whether you want to be a vehicle of higher wisdom for all mankind, or want to fully connect with your spirit guides, Channeling is the ancient tool that makes it possible.

  Since Biblical times and before, seeking wisdom and guidance from the spirits beyond was a necessary part of life. Channels, those uniquely gifted individuals who speak with the voices of the spirits, were greatly valued and highly respected. In the Bible alone there are hundreds of references to information being Channeled through the prophets. Over time, the art of Channeling was systematically destroyed by those in power who were threatened by the direct contact Channels offered to God and spirits of light. Today, few know how to Channel. Even fewer know how to Channel safely and productively.

  Channeling: A Comprehensive and Instructional Guide, provides you with the tools you need to find a positive spirit partner, open a safe and protected Channeling relationship with your spirit partner, and practical instruction on how to Channel your spirit partner for yourself and for the world. This book is a must read for anyone who ever dreamed of tapping into the higher knowledge of the universal and heavenly forces.

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Lessons Book II
By Alex.

  Lessons Book II is a channeled book of the spiritual master Alex. It offers the reader a breakthrough in spiritual thinking based on the soul type of each person. The true nature of tone and frequency are explored with emphasis on using each as a tool to bring healing to the body, soul, mind, and spiritual self.

  Alex shares his exceptional understanding of what is happening on the earth and what you can do to help as the earth moves into her time of tuning. Lessons Book II is more than just essential information about your world and your spiritual existence; it is an invaluable tool for healing the life frequencies of your body, soul, mind, and spirit. It is sure to enhance your view of the universal reason for being.

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